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Poly - HOU - Serene Summation Of Years Past (Cassette)


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  1. Mikagrel says:
    catalog: AAX artist: The Constants title: No Organ format: anti-cassette C13 [TYPE I - Ferric] | Cassette - Type I - Ferric release date: edition size: duration: accessibility: Level 6 availability: Sold Out Info. THE CONSTANTS have been blowing up the basements of Indiana for almost 5 years now, banging out their lo-fi rock and roll to all who will .
  2. Voodoogis says:
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  3. Kasida says:
    Cassette; Lathe Cut Record; Anti-Releases; ¼” Tape; Vinyl Record; 3½” Floppy Disk; VHS; CDr; 8-Track; Glue Record; Microcassette; Digital; DVD-R; CD; Artists; Shop. All Items; HOU Serene Summation of Years Past AAX Unholy Triforce Transcryptions AAX Unholy Triforce Some Assembly Required AAX Unholy Triforce Untitled.
  4. Mar says:
    HOU is an artist we’ve been working with since our earliest days, for reasons beyond simply our friendship. Although he started as a drummer playing progressive metal and intricate melodic rock, HOU has spent a large portion of his career crafting electronic music that is an acute balance of smooth, laid-back melodies and energetic progressions.
  5. Arat says:
    Serene Landscape with Stony Beach, Trees, Sky and Water - Neil`s Cove, Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, Andaman Nicobar, India. This is a serene landscape Serene and Beautiful. The Redwood National Forest is a serene and beautiful place to visit Serene seascape and last light, Constantine Bay, Cornwall. Serene, tranquil seascape and last light at Constantine Bay in .
  6. Samuzshura says:
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  7. Shakall says:
    HOU’s strength comes from his ability to write lush synthetic harmonies with a sense of timeless nostalgia, each track a memory of a distinct point in the past. We’ve purposefully reproduced Serene Summation of Years Past on TYPE I Ferric tape for extra saturation and warmth, and we are pleased to employ the most accessible form of packaging for an album that needs no .
  8. Kagashura says:
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  9. Akizragore says:
    Type I Ferric tape is a standard-grade formulation with magnetic surface made of Ferric Oxide, which is capable of 50 Hz to 16 kHz frequency response, resulting in lush bass and warm mid-range, with good high-end output. Signal to noise ratio is average, resulting in .

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